Huber Technik for Metal Guild Munich – Freising – Erding

Last weekend our company Huber Technik represented the metal guild Munich – Freising – Erding at the so called “Gewerbetage Erding”.

Last weekend, 27th and 28th of May we had magnificent sunshine and we were happy to represent the metal guild Munich – Freising – Erding at the “Gewerbetage Erding” which is a small fair of all different types of trades in our county. Our head mayor Mr. Max Gotz as well as our county commissioner Mr. Martin Bayerstorfer were very impressed about the booth. They had a closer look at our conveyor belt, produced from our company, which was loaded with different parts of the different guilds. We were very happy that our economics minister Mrs. Ilse Aigner as well as our environment minister Mrs. Ulrike Scharf visited us at our booth. Thank you for the interesting talks!

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who made this event a special one!