Gruppenfoto neue Azubis Huber Technik Erding Konstruktionsmechaniker, Kauffrau für Büromanagement, Elektroniker für Energie- und Gebäudetechnik

Five new trainees are entering the professional world

New trainees at Huber Technik

The new apprenticeship year has begun and we were also able to welcome five new trainees to their ranks on the 2nd of September. Instructor Marion Grimm is particularly pleased that Nina Schaub, a prospective office management assistant, has graduated from high school as one of the top three in the Finsing High School year. Michael Langer, Training Manager at Huber Technik, is equally pleased with the selection of the three prospective construction mechanics. Because he also has a year best with Pascal Hilger (middle school Erding) among his trainees. Hadish Mesfin, born in Eritrea, aspiring construction mechanic, has been living in Erding for almost 4 years and has already completed a small Huber Technik career with three internships and an introductory qualification year. Philipp Stübner, a prospective construction mechanic, trainer Christian Harrant and his apprentice Vinzenz Kordick, a prospective electronic technician for energy and building technology, are also looking forward to the next few weeks.

Photo: from left to right: Heidi Huber-Kamm (Managing Director), Michael Langer (Training Manager), Vinzenz Kordick (Electronics Technician for Energy and Building Technology), Nina Schaub (Office Management Assistant), Marion Grimm (Instructor), Philipp Stübner (Construction Mechanic), Veronika Kamm (Management); kneeling from left to right: Pascal Hilger and Hadish Mesfin (both construction mechanics)