Our trainees have successfully contributed to the digitization of Huber Technik

The RKW Bayern e.V. together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria organized the “Digiscouts” project.

In the autumn of last year, long before Corona became an issue, we were guests at the IHK to attend an information event about the project. Convinced and enthusiastic, Michael Langer, head of training in our company, and Johanna Kamm, member of the management, drove home again to present the project to the trainees. Our trainees were also immediately impressed by the idea of ​​being able to carry out an entire digitization project on their own. The idea is that the superiors hold back on this project and give the trainees the chance to plan and carry out a project independently from start to finish.

First of all, this involved finding a project: What can or should be digitized at Huber Technik? Many conversations with colleagues gave the trainees suggestions as to the direction in which their project could take. When the subject areas were somewhat narrowed down and our digiscouts had decided on two project ideas, we received a visit from Mr. Josef Wissinger, Managing Director of RKW Bayern e.V. Here, the trainees were allowed to independently guide Mr. Wissinger through the company and present him with their project ideas. Mr. Wissinger listened with interest and helped the apprentices to decide which of the two projects should ultimately be implemented. The decision was made to introduce a stationary computer in the production hall in order to save time and optimize work processes.

Now it was about the concrete project planning and implementation. The digiscouts developed a concept of where this computer would best be placed. In order to make the computer at least a little mobile, they decided to build a cart on which the computer should find its place. Other important steps were of course the technical drawing and the construction of the car, the request for quotation and order for the computer, and the laying of power and network cables. Here the digiscouts worked closely with a wide range of departments and were able to gain experience of how things work outside of their training occupation.

Due to Corona, the project took a little longer than planned, but the final event took place on Friday, October 16, 2020. Instead of an on-site event, everything was held as a web conference in accordance with Corona. All trainee teams were allowed to present their implemented projects to each other and answer questions about their project.

We would like to thank the RKW Bayern e.V. and the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria for the opportunity to participate in this great project.
We would also like to thank our apprentices, who immediately agreed to take part in this project and thus made a contribution to the digitization of Huber Technik!

You can find more information about our and many other digiscout projects here.

Cooperation with JobRad and the Erdinger Stadtwerke

Our employees have been able to take advantage of the JobRad GmbH offer since April this year. You can find more on this topic in one of our previous blog entries.

Our cooperation with Stadtwerke Erding is new. Together with Stadtwerke Erding, we have installed sockets at our bike parking so that employees who come to work with their e-bikes can charge them here free of charge. What is particularly special is that the electricity we fill up here comes from our own photovoltaic system. We use a good half of the electricity we produce ourselves, and we feed the rest into the municipal utility network. The e-bikes even run on green electricity.
Michaela Meier and Christopher Ruther from Stadtwerke Erding also brought water bottles and multifunctional towels for our employees. So biking is possible in all wind and weather.

The new apprenticeship year starts

Today we were able to welcome our 5 new trainees: a prospective office management assistant, a prospective mechatronics technician in the trade and three prospective construction mechanics.

We wish everyone a good start and we warmly welcome you all to the team!

Publication of DIN-3763

As already described in a previous blog entry, we are part of a working group that deals with the development of the DIN standard for elastic stable floor coverings in the running and lying areas of cattle and dairy cows. This standard was finally published in April 2020. You can buy the standard here.

The standard sets standards for elastic stable floor coverings to ensure the best for animal welfare. “Cattle are pasture animals in terms of their development. As a result, they have adapted to partially formable subsoil. This subsoil shape has an impact on lying down as well as on standing and running of the animals. A sensible floor design based on elastomer mats can meet these cattle needs To this end, this document specifies requirements for elastomeric mats for cattle stalls. ” (Quote from DIN 3763)

Of course, all of our cubicle and walkway coverings are within these standards, because Huber knows what cows like.

Business bike leasing as a targeted contribution to employee health and more sustainable mobility

Our employees can now lease high-quality bicycles and e-bikes from us. With the JobRad leasing offer we want to promote the health of our employees.

How the JobRad leasing offer works:

Employees choose their preferred bike from the local bike dealer or online. All manufacturers and brands are possible. As employer, we lease the service bike and leave it to our employees. In return, we retain a small portion of the employee’s gross monthly salary, thereby serving the leasing rate. The JobRad is insured and can also be used in your free time. This gives the employee a monetary advantage, which since 01.01.2020 only has to be taxed at 0.25% of the bicycle list price (RRP). This saves the employee significantly compared to conventional purchases. And in order to make the service bike offer even more attractive, we assume the costs for the insurance of the job bikes.

Dear Sir or Madam,

the COVID-19 virus is discussed so often in recent days. Fortunately, our house is not currently affected, although the situation can change every hour. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we currently do not expect any delivery difficulties from our side. We are still able to continue our production as usual. We have asked our suppliers to provide us with forecasts of potential delivery bottlenecks.

If our situation or that of our suppliers changes significantly, we will inform you immediately! If the situation changes drastically for you and you run into difficulties with acceptance, we ask you to let us know immediately as well.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and open communication.