HT: How did you hear about us as a company?
Fina: My father recommended Huber Technik to me because he knew that I was interested in an internship in a company run by women.
HT: Were you more attracted to mechanical engineering or agricultural products?
Fina: I wanted to know how the finished agricultural technology products find their way into the barns. From manufacturing to distribution to assembly .
HT: You have been with us for about a week, what insights have you already gained?
Fina: First of all, I got a guided tour through the production and was surprised that such an original kind of production still exists in the middle of Erding. I was allowed to be in the office for order processing and to get to know the sales and distribution channels.
HT: Have you already seen our stable coverings live with cows and everything that goes with it?
Fina: Yes, last Friday I was allowed to support the managing director at an external appointment in the reference barn. We guided a group of South Tyrolean dealers through the stables and explained the different stable coverings in their respective areas of application.
HT: Has the internship so far gone the way you wanted it to?
Fina: Yes. For example, in order processing you have to know a lot of details and I’m happy to be able to grow with my tasks every day. Maybe in the next time I’ll get to look more into production and learn more about marketing strategies in the office.
HT: So you’ll be back tomorrow?
Fina: Definitely!


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