Huber Technik geto on the e-bike

Cooperation with JobRad and the Erdinger Stadtwerke

Our employees have been able to take advantage of the JobRad GmbH offer since April this year. You can find more on this topic in one of our previous blog entries.

Our cooperation with Stadtwerke Erding is new. Together with Stadtwerke Erding, we have installed sockets at our bike parking so that employees who come to work with their e-bikes can charge them here free of charge. What is particularly special is that the electricity we fill up here comes from our own photovoltaic system. We use a good half of the electricity we produce ourselves, and we feed the rest into the municipal utility network. The e-bikes even run on green electricity.
Michaela Meier and Christopher Ruther from Stadtwerke Erding also brought water bottles and multifunctional towels for our employees. So biking is possible in all wind and weather.

Our new trainees

The new apprenticeship year starts

Today we were able to welcome our 5 new trainees: a prospective office management assistant, a prospective mechatronics technician in the trade and three prospective construction mechanics.

We wish everyone a good start and we warmly welcome you all to the team!


Dear customers and suppliers,

we currently have a disturbance in our telephone system and are unfortunately not available by phone. Please contact us at

We will inform you immediately as soon as our phones are working as usual again.

Thank you for your understanding!

UPDATE: We were able to fix our malfunction and can be reached by phone as usual.

Elastic stable floor coverings in the running and lying areas of cattle and dairy cows

Publication of DIN-3763

As already described in a previous blog entry, we are part of a working group that deals with the development of the DIN standard for elastic stable floor coverings in the running and lying areas of cattle and dairy cows. This standard was finally published in April 2020. You can buy the standard here.

The standard sets standards for elastic stable floor coverings to ensure the best for animal welfare. “Cattle are pasture animals in terms of their development. As a result, they have adapted to partially formable subsoil. This subsoil shape has an impact on lying down as well as on standing and running of the animals. A sensible floor design based on elastomer mats can meet these cattle needs To this end, this document specifies requirements for elastomeric mats for cattle stalls. ” (Quote from DIN 3763)

Of course, all of our cubicle and walkway coverings are within these standards, because Huber knows what cows like.

Business bike for our employees

Business bike leasing as a targeted contribution to employee health and more sustainable mobility

Our employees can now lease high-quality bicycles and e-bikes from us. With the JobRad leasing offer we want to promote the health of our employees.

How the JobRad leasing offer works:

Employees choose their preferred bike from the local bike dealer or online. All manufacturers and brands are possible. As employer, we lease the service bike and leave it to our employees. In return, we retain a small portion of the employee’s gross monthly salary, thereby serving the leasing rate. The JobRad is insured and can also be used in your free time. This gives the employee a monetary advantage, which since 01.01.2020 only has to be taxed at 0.25% of the bicycle list price (RRP). This saves the employee significantly compared to conventional purchases. And in order to make the service bike offer even more attractive, we assume the costs for the insurance of the job bikes.

Information regarding the corona virus

Dear Sir or Madam,

the COVID-19 virus is discussed so often in recent days. Fortunately, our house is not currently affected, although the situation can change every hour. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we currently do not expect any delivery difficulties from our side. We are still able to continue our production as usual. We have asked our suppliers to provide us with forecasts of potential delivery bottlenecks.

If our situation or that of our suppliers changes significantly, we will inform you immediately! If the situation changes drastically for you and you run into difficulties with acceptance, we ask you to let us know immediately as well.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and open communication.


Stainless steel drinking bottles for our employees

Another step towards sustainability

Our employees can start the new year with brand new stainless steel drinking bottles from 720 ° DGREE. As part of our annual Company Christmas party, each employee was given a personal and personalized drinking bottle – as a thank you for the good cooperation.
A special highlight is the laser engraving of our logo and the personalization for every employee. The drinking bottles are BPA free and hold 1.2 liters.
The background for this gift was the decision to set up a water dispenser that filters and processes the water and, if required, carbonates it.

With our 500 kWp photovoltaic system on our roofs, we already took the first step towards sustainability in 2012. It is the largest photovoltaic system in the district with using its own electricity – we use 50% of the electricity generated for our own operations.

Focus on employees

An article in the Erdinger Anzeiger

A great article about us and our past Company Christmas party was printed in the Erdinger Anzeiger last Saturday.
During our Christmas celebrations, we regularly honor long-serving employees, special birthdays and trained apprentices. This year we were particularly proud to be able to honor Mr. Peter Maier for his 45 years with the company. At this point we would like to thank Mr. Maier again for his long-term loyalty to our company!

Company vacation 2019

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020!

We say goodbye for this year. In 2019 from Christmas to the new year we close our firm and are available for you again from January 7, 2020.

Nevertheless, we do not want to miss wishing you a merry Christmas and a good start to the new year. Thank you for your trust in us and the good cooperation. It was a successful but also turbulent year. Our employees have more than earned this break. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the coming year with joy and excitement!

Even though there was hardly any snow in Erding this year, we would like to put you in a Christmas mood with the pictures from previous year. Perhaps we will be surprised by white Christmas this year – as everyone knows, hope dies last.

Company Christmas Party 2019

Celebration is also part of working!

On Friday, as every year, our Christmas party took place in our own premises. Employees are honored for their seniority, birthdays are mentioned, the trainees are congratulated and the pensioners are officially took leave This year we are particularly proud that we have honored an employee on the occasion of his 45 years of service at Huber Technik. Many thanks again for the trust in us!

The highlight of this year was a visit of Theater an der Rott, which performed their one-man play “Scrooge” by Charles Dickens. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we loved this play.

We also organized a small raffle this year – 1 lot 1 €. We increase the amount raised and the entire proceeds are donated to Licht in die Herzen.