HT: How did you hear about us as a company?
Fina: My father recommended Huber Technik to me because he knew that I was interested in an internship in a company run by women.
HT: Were you more attracted to mechanical engineering or agricultural products?
Fina: I wanted to know how the finished agricultural technology products find their way into the barns. From manufacturing to distribution to assembly .
HT: You have been with us for about a week, what insights have you already gained?
Fina: First of all, I got a guided tour through the production and was surprised that such an original kind of production still exists in the middle of Erding. I was allowed to be in the office for order processing and to get to know the sales and distribution channels.
HT: Have you already seen our stable coverings live with cows and everything that goes with it?
Fina: Yes, last Friday I was allowed to support the managing director at an external appointment in the reference barn. We guided a group of South Tyrolean dealers through the stables and explained the different stable coverings in their respective areas of application.
HT: Has the internship so far gone the way you wanted it to?
Fina: Yes. For example, in order processing you have to know a lot of details and I’m happy to be able to grow with my tasks every day. Maybe in the next time I’ll get to look more into production and learn more about marketing strategies in the office.
HT: So you’ll be back tomorrow?
Fina: Definitely!


Are you also interested in an internship at Huber Technik? Write us a Whatsapp to +49 151 64104373 or get in touch via our contact form.

Education, Health, Society, Environment in Erding

Today we were able to hand over a donation to the Bürgerstiftung im Landkreis Erding, represented by the 1st Chairwoman Janine Altheimer. 257,- € were collected by the employees during the Christmas party with a raffle, the management increased the amount to 1000,- €. We would like to thank all Huber Technik colleagues who took part and diligently bought raffle tickets! And of course a big thank you to the two raffle organisers. We are very happy to be able to support the projects of the community foundation!
You can find more information about the Civic Foundation, the projects it supports and how you can help here:

From left to right: Johanna Kamm (Management Huber Technik & Member of the Board of Trustees of the Civic Foundation), Janine Altheimer (1st Chairwoman of the Civic Foundation), Julia Urgibl (Marketing & Organisation of the Raffle) and Nadine Topp (Marketing & Organisation of the Raffle).


Motivation an passion for 2023

Arrived in 2023 the Huber Technik Team is again ready to make the impossible possible!
We wish everyone a good start to the year and a successful, happy  year 2023.

We are on holiday from december 23rd 2022 to january 06th 2023

The Christmas season is the time to come to rest, to review the old year and to prepare for the new.
To all customers, business partners and friends of Huber Technik we wish a

We are also taking a short break from work. The team will go on a well-deserved company holiday from december 23rd 2022 to january 06th 2023. We look forward to many exciting projects in the new year.

Company vacation 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

We wish you all a merry Christmas, a peaceful holiday and a good and healthy start into the new year. Also this year we would like to thank you for your great trust and the great cooperation.

We say goodbye to our company vacation. In the time from 23 December 2021 – 07 January 2022 you can not reach us. From 10 January 2022 we will be there for you again as usual.

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Saint Nicolas was there!

Chocolate Saint Nicolas for all employees of Huber Technik

In the night from 05.12.21 to 06.12.21 Saint Nicolas was on the way at Huber Technik. Chocolate Saint Nicolas’ were distributed at all workplaces and spindles of the employees. Already at the morning start at 05:30 o’clock the first ones could be happy about this surprise and the first Saint Nicolas’ were already eaten.

We wish everyone a happy St. Nicholas Day and a peaceful advent season.

Our employee newspaper has a title!

Our new employee magazine is called: ‘From Huber to Technik’.

Christian Forster wins the competition in the last issue with his suggestion and can look forward to a voucher worth 20 euros from Gewandhaus Gruber. Second place goes to Georg Fuchs with “Huber-News”, third place to Nina Schaub with “HT Inside”. They could be happy about a new HT sweater and a HT t-shirt.

We would like to thank our employees who participated and submitted great suggestions!

Once again, our employees have a chance to win something in the new magazine. Good luck!

The Munich team “TUM Boring” wins Elon Musk’s competition – congratulations!

“Beat the Snail”, was the title of the “Not-a-Boring-Competition” in Las Vegas offered by Tesla boss Elon Musk.

With his company “The Boring Company”, a tunnel construction and infrastructure company, Musk wants to solve the traffic problem of cities and put the transport network underground. The goal of the competition: to drill a 30-metre-long tunnel with a diameter of half a metre and to do it faster than a snail crawls. The winning team from Munich came very close to achieving this goal. The “TUM Boring” team managed 22 metres and emerged as the clear winner of the competition. Almost 400 teams from all over the world applied for the competition. Twelve of them – including TUM – competed last week in Las Vegas with their self-developed tunnel boring machines.

We congratulate the students on this great success and wish them nothing but the best for the future!

We are very happy that we could support the project with our custom-made conveyor belts.


You can find out more about the project on the “TUM-Boring” homepage!

Would you like to learn more about our conveyor systems? Click here.

We welcomes three new apprentices at the start of training!

Once again this year, we are pleased to welcome new apprentices. Together with 40,743 young people who are completing an IHK apprenticeship in Bavaria, our three apprentices start their vocational training today.

The day started with a round of welcoming and introductions by the management represented by Veronika Kamm. After a small snack – a breakfast in the company canteen – Daniel Dorau, Deniz Pape and Lukas Hödl got to know the rest of the team during a tour of the company.

The apprenticeship as a construction mechanic has a versatile structure. From the first day on, the trainees get to know the different work in the sheet metal department, the prefabricated construction and the locksmithery/turning shop and work on the final product. The practical part of the training is alternated with theory blocks at the vocational school in Freising, which starts on 11 October 2021.

We wish our trainees a pleasant start to their careers and every success in their training.

As a family business with regional roots, it is important to us to train young people from the region and to be able to employ them in the company in the long term. Thus, we offer various vocational training professions every year.

The start of the three apprentices also marks the beginning of the application phase for the 2022 training year. Information on training opportunities for 2022 can be found at


Welcome to the rubber production of Huber Technik!

Today we present our rubber production in a virtual factory tour.

Johanna and Veronika Kamm, the fourth generation of the Huber Technik family business in Erding, will take you on a tour of the various work steps in the rubber production.

“Our company has two mainstays. In addition to conveyor systems for various applications, we have been producing rubber products for many decades. Besides small rubber moulded articles, we mainly produce rubber roll goods for dairy farming. All our rubber floorings are certified by the DLG. We also produce our stable floor coverings according to DIN standard 3763.”

From the raw material to the end product. Find out how quality “Made in Germany” is created, because Huber knows what cows like.

Experience Huber Technik’s rubber production virtually here.