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Tag des Handwerks. Biegen einer Metallrose.

11. October 2023


As a mechanical engineering company, we love working with metal. So it is only natural to want to inspire young people to work with this great material. Heidi Huber-Kamm has been involved in the Munich-Freising-Erding Metal Guild for many years. Last Friday, the Metal Guild’s Crafts Day took place in Garching near Munich. The large number of girls interested in the metal trade was particularly pleasing. They made beautiful metal roses themselves as part of the event. Well done, girls!

copyright: StMAS / Schäffler
Group picture from left to right.
#RomanBlanz , MünchenMetall
#RudiWaxenberger, District Master Craftsman Erding
#UlrikeScharf , Minister of State for Family, Labor and Social Affairs
Heidi Huber-Kamm, Head Master Craftswoman MünchenMetall and Managing Director #HuberTechnik GmbH & Co. KG
#MartinBayerstorfer , District Administrator Erding
#ChristianeScharfe, Headmistress of Erding Girls’ Secondary School
#ThomasBauer, Master Craftsman MunichMetal

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