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Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit. Mensch auf Fahrrad.

04. May 2023


People who cycle to work are sick less often and feel better (source: Eco Libro – strategic and operational mobility consulting – study on mobility and health). So you are not only doing something for the climate, but also for your own health! The AOK Bayern and the ADFC organize the annual “Cycle to work” campaign, in which registered participants (teams or individuals) can also win great prizes for cycling many kilometers.

For years, Huber Technik employees have had the opportunity to purchase a so-called job bike. Julia from Marketing asked our colleague Franz about his personal motivation for regularly riding his job bike to work: J: What do you particularly enjoy about cycling? F: The exercise in the fresh air. J: Why are you taking part in the mdRzA campaign again? F: Because I like cycling to work and it’s even better if you can win something along the way! J: Have you ever won anything? If so, what? F: The first time I took part it was 8th place and two years later I even won the main prize, a bicycle. You can find more information about the campaign at https://www.mit-dem-rad-zur-arbeit.de/bayern/index.php

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