15. March 2023


HT: How did you find out about us as a company?

Fina: My father recommended Huber Technik to me because he knew that I was interested in an internship in a company run by women.


HT: Were you more interested in mechanical engineering or agricultural products?

Fina: I wanted to know how the finished agricultural technology products find their way into the barns. From production to distribution and assembly.


HT: You’ve been with us for about a week, what insights have you already gained?

Fina: I was first given a tour of the production facility and was surprised that such an original type of production still exists in the middle of Erding. I was able to be in the office for order processing and get to know the sales and distribution channels.


HT: Have you seen our barn flooring live with cows and everything that goes with it?

Fina: Yes, last Friday I was able to support the Managing Director at an external appointment in the reference barn. We showed a group of South Tyrolean dealers around the stables and explained the different types of stable flooring in their respective areas of application.


HT: Has the internship gone the way you wanted it to so far?

Fina: Yes. For example, you have to know a lot of details in order processing and I’m happy every day to be able to grow with my tasks. Maybe I’ll be able to get a taste of production in the near future and learn more about marketing strategies in the office.

HT: So you’ll be back tomorrow?

Fina: Definitely!


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