Integrated Services Subcontracting


We manufacture metal parts that can be used as individual parts and small series according to individual customer requirements and can be painted in individual colors. Our expertise in metal construction is also implemented in subcontracting.



Our laser cutting machine enables us to laser cut, engrave or mark various materials.

Bending & Folding

Folding and bending are simple and precise sheet metal forming techniques. We are able to use bending in sheet metal processing and for solid or hollow metal profiles. The material can be bent up to a length of three meters and a material thickness of 10 mm.


We provide the perfect sheet metal cut according to individual customer requirements. Configure your cut to size and choose from a wide range of standard materials, such as stainless steel sheet or aluminum sheet. Of course, we will deburr the sheet metal cut to size on request.

Welding Work

Welding requires many years of experience, a good eye and expert knowledge of materials in order to be able to meet customer-specific requirements.

With us, through

  • Consultative cooperation
  • adapting the design to the welding process
  • and testing the joint properties

we produce very high-quality welded constructions.

Turning and milling work

We use state-of-the-art milling and turning machines to manufacture metal parts that meet individual customer requirements. We use our skills to manufacture your products in such a way that they are even more technically and economically advantageous.


In our in-house sandblasting machine, it is possible to sandblast objects up to 1.5 m wide and 0.5 m high. In order to achieve a perfect result, the object must have a certain basic stability. Please contact us, our specialist staff will decide whether sandblasting is possible in your case or not. This is the only way we can guarantee outstanding quality.

Hot-dip galvanizing

It is also possible to hot-dip or electrogalvanize products manufactured by us. Please contact us for requirements and implementation options.

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