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At a time when efficiency is crucial in farming, the use of conveyor belts plays an important role. To increase the efficiency and productivity of harvesting, processing and transporting agricultural products, it is worth investing in a Huber conveyor belt.

Use in farming requires high-quality conveyor belts. The conveyor belts must be able to withstand high loads, contamination, temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Conveyor systems from Huber Technik make work easier in numerous areas. They facilitate the transportation of plants or fruit from the fields to the processing areas. This speeds up the harvesting process. The use of conveyor belts also improves material transport for fertilizers, animal feed, seeds and harvested crops. In warehouses or silos, automated conveyor systems lead to more efficient working methods and storage operations can be optimized. They can also be used in processing plants for sorting agricultural products and in composting.

The transportation of harvested crops, animal feed and other materials is made easier. From harvesting in the field to loading products into storage facilities, a Huber conveyor belt is the ideal aid for your agriculture processes.

Application examples:
  • Potato and beet processing
  • Harvesting facilitation
  • Automatic feed mixing
  • etc.

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