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Conveyor Belts

No two Huber belts are the same. With us, you get everything from a single source.

For decades, conveyor belts have been used in various industries to transport goods from A to B. Over the years, these innovative belts have become indispensable components in various work processes.

Do you need a single conveyor belt or several belts that work together as a complex system? You’ve come to the right place!

A conveyor belt transports objects by placing a rubber belt on drums and rollers like a loop. Conveyor belt drums drive and tension the belt. The goods are transported in the desired direction by driving the drums and rollers.

Huber Technik conveyor belts offer various advantages:
  • Movement of heavy, bulky objects
  • Save time when transporting goods
  • Easily transport products from one place to another
  • Various possible applications. For example, for packaging, sorting, assembling, checking and transporting goods

Conveyor belts from Huber Technik therefore offers the possibility of transporting objects from point A to point B with minimum effort. The speed, direction, curvature and size of the conveyor belt vary depending on the user’s requirements. Thanks to our customized production, we can find the perfect conveyor belt for every need.

Our chain belt conveyors and vibrating channels are also ideal for transporting objects.


huber-technik-erding-foerderbaender (2)
huber-technik-erding-foerderbaender (1)
huber-technik-erding-foerderbaender (3)


  • Horizontal
  • Rising
  • Upward bend
  • Downward bend
  • Z-Conveyor
  • Rubber belt
  • Plastic belt
Conveyor belt
  • Straight
  • Troughed
  • Cleats
  • Castors
  • Table
Sealing systems
  • Side edge cleats
  • Corrugated edge
  • Sealing strip
Special designs
  • Dust-tight version
  • V2A version
  • Food-safe version
Special equipment
  • Suction hoods
  • Belt scales
  • Traversing systems
  • Magnetic drums for material separation
  • Sliding tables in the feed area

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