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Industry-specific Solutions

Industry-specific solutions from Huber Technik meet the challenges in all sectors. Food production and waste management, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture are worlds apart in every respect. We are committed to finding a solution for every industry-specific application.

The following overview shows an excerpt of customer orders, arranged according to the industry-specific areas of application.

Spanplatten auf Foerderband

Waste disposal in the furniture industry

Huber systems are also ideally suited for waste disposal in the furniture industry.

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Glass bottle transportation / disposal

With its highly developed conveyor belts and chain conveyors, Huber Technik makes a sustainable contribution to the transportation and disposal of glass bottles.

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Sewage Sludge Transportation

Efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions are also crucial in the wastewater industry. With a conveyor system from Huber, sewage sludge can be moved safely and sustainably.

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Huber Technik conveyor belts are versatile helpers for harvesting, processing and transporting agricultural products.

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Food Industry

As a specialist in the manufacture of food-safe rubber, our products can also be used in a wide range of applications in the food industry.

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Waste Sorting

In modern waste management, efficient sorting is crucial to recovering valuable resources and reducing environmental impact.

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Förderbänder mit Papier.

Paper Sorting

Paper recycling is becoming increasingly important. Efficient sorting of waste paper therefore plays a decisive role. Special conveyor belt solutions from Huber Technik are ideally suited for paper sorting.

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Sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important. This is why conveyor belts have become indispensable tools for optimizing the recycling process and making it more efficient.

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Kieselsteine auf Fö

Transport of Stones

In various industries, such as mining or construction, the transportation of heavy and bulky stones is a challenging task. Conveyor belts from Huber Technik help to make transportation easier.

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