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Conveyor Systems

Customized conveyor systems for over six decades has been one of our core specifications. Our company prides itself on designing and manufacturing a wide range of conveyor solutions for a variety of applications. Unlike rigid modular systems, we are flexible and able to meet almost all individual customer requirements. From consulting to maintenance – we are your one-stop shop.

To ensure that all your requirements are met from start to finish, we offer a complete service.
  • Personal consultation:Our experienced experts take the time to understand your specific needs and develop the optimum solution for your conveyor system.
  • Precise planning with 3D CAD drawings: With the help of innovative technology, you will get a clear idea of the future conveyor system. Detailed 3D CAD drawings ensure maximum precision in the planning phase.
  • High-quality production and assembly: Our highly qualified specialists manufacture your individual conveyor system to the highest quality standards. Assembly is carried out quickly and efficiently to ensure optimum functionality.
  • Comprehensive after-sales support: Our dedicated team is also on hand to provide you with help and advice after your purchase. We ensure that your conveyor system works smoothly and efficiently in the long term.

You can rely on our decades of experience, our technical expertise and our comprehensive service. Together we will shape the future of your smooth material and production flows!

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Individual solutions: Customized conveyor systems for every requirement
  • Maximum precision: Planning and production with state-of-the-art technology
  • Efficient processes: Fast assembly and smooth operation
  • Long-term reliability: After-sales support and maintenance by our team of experts
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Industry-specific Solutions

Industry-specific solutions from Huber Technik meet the challenges in all sectors. Food production and waste management, the pharmaceutical industry and agriculture are worlds apart in every respect. We are committed to finding a solution for every industry-specific application.

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Dosing Hopper / Feed Hopper

Dosing and feed hoppers are fed with larger quantities of material. By combining a chain belt conveyor and a dosing system, the material can be discharged in the desired quantity.

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Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are continuous conveyors. There are numerous design options for a wide range of material requirements.

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Complete Systems with Electrical Control

Ideally coordinated control elements for a fully functional overall system. Huber Technik makes it possible to design, build and finally install an entire system.

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Chain Belt Conveyor

In a chain belt conveyor system, the conveyor chains are connected to crossbars. Due to the high drive torque, these conveyors are particularly suitable for heavy goods.

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Shredding Machine

The shredding machine is used for pre-shredding bulky waste. This means that it can be transported or processed further without any problems. The material is shortened by shearing blades.

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Special Machines

As passionate mechanical engineers, we are able to develop and manufacture machines for your specific requirements.

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Vibrating Channels

In a vibrating chute, the material is moved forward in a conveying channel via an eccentric shaft in throwing movements. No conveyor belt is required for this.

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