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zwei Schuerfleisten liegen uebereinander. Schneepflugleisten aus Gummi.


We offer custom-made scrapers from Huber Technik, which can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. The hard-wearing scrapers can be manufactured individually, either drilled or undrilled, by us in Erding. They are used in various industries and sectors. Quick and easy to fit to snow ploughs and gritting vehicles, they are used to effectively remove snow and ice. It is also possible to fit the strips to tractors without any problems. This means that they also make life easier in winter for private use.

Some advantages of our products:
  • Long service life: Thanks to high-quality materials and precise manufacturing, our products serve with very long service lives, which increases economy and efficiency.
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant: All products from Huber Technik are characterized by their outstanding abrasion resistance, which makes them particularly hard-wearing and durable.
  • Cold flexibility: Even in extreme weather conditions, our snow plough blades retain their flexibility, which further increases their effectiveness when used in cold-intensive environments.

Convince yourself of the outstanding Huber quality and performance of our custom-made scraper blades and rely on Huber technology for innovative solutions.

Application examples:
  • Commercial winter service
  • Snow plows municipal vehicles
  • Agricultural using
  • etc.


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