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Molded Articles

Molded articles are an essential component in the manufacture of our rubber products.

Molded articles are required when small parts such as seals cannot be produced by extrusion due to their geometry. If this is the case, they are produced in individual molds instead. We manufacture rubber molded articles from Huber Technik individually according to customer requirements. Thanks to our in-house mold construction, we are able to produce mold sizes of up to two meters in length. This results in a wide range of possible applications.

Huber Technik and the vulcanization trade have formed an extremely successful unit since the beginning of the company’s history. With over 40 steam-heated hydraulic presses, we use both the transfer molding and compression molding processes to produce high-quality molded rubber parts.

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to the individual requirements of our customers. From development to series production, we are able to plan each step separately and implement them individually. We manufacture both large and small series to meet your specific requirements and wishes. We are happy to provide you with advice and support from development to individual or series production.

Application examples:
  • Scrapers
  • Seals
  • Profile strips
  • Profiles, rings
  • Inflatable sealing sleeves
  • etc.



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