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Kettengurtfoerderer von Huber Technik auf LKW verladen

Chain Belt Conveyor

In a chain belt conveyor system, the conveyor chains are connected to crossbars. The high drive torque makes these conveyors particularly suitable for heavy goods.

The conveyor is equipped with two-strand chain conveyors with different roller chains that ensure maximum flexibility and optimum performance. This conveyor system guarantees safe and efficient material transportation and reduces the risk of damage or downtime.

The use of chain conveyors from Huber Technik offers a number of advantages. The problem-free transportation of heavy goods with small contact surfaces such as pallet cages, steel racks, industrial containers and pallets is made possible.

The systems can be designed as single or double chain strands.

Application examples:
  • Press feeding
  • Bunker discharge conveyor with kink
  • Recycling industry
Chain belt conveyor vs. conveyor belt:

In contrast to a conventional conveyor belt, a chain belt conveyor is suitable for heavier goods.


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Technical Data

Field of application

Conveying heavy loads

Increasing load movements

Material suitability

General cargo and bulk goods

Conveyor form
  • Horizontal
  • Rising
  • Upward bend
  • Downward bend
  • Z-Conveyor

500 mm to 3000 mm width


Other widths are available on request.

Sealing system

Side edge cleats or corrugated edge in combination with sealing strip

  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Wear lining
  • Bolted on four sides
  • Trellex connection

Dustproof design

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