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Regal mit diversen Formen aus Metall.

Mold Making

In-house mold making in the production halls of Huber Technik enables us to manufacture customized pressing tools according to the individual wishes of our customers.

Mold making refers to the production of a negative geometry. A cavity is created that bears the reverse impression of the original model. These molds make it possible to produce a specific component. In contrast to conventional mold casting, our high-quality molds are mostly made of metal. The mold is used in the production of cast metal or plastic components. The material that is injected into the mold is usually rubber.

Molds from Huber Technik are precisely water jet-cut and specially cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. This ensures that the end product is always a flawless rubber molded article. Our expertise enables us to design and manufacture molds for the molded articles you require. Alternatively, there is also the option to produce items based on a mold you provide in advance.

At Huber Technik, we rely on advanced technologies and proven craftsmanship to achieve the highest standards in mold manufacturing.

Application examples:
  • Prototypes
  • Molds for small series
  • Dies
  • Casting molds


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